Google Search smartified

Hi Dear readers,
So you are into the internet thing, huh? Then you must be using various internet search engines to search things(information’s to be precise) you can’t find immediately.And of course there’s no escape from the magnificent & robust search engine named “Google” .
Statistics shows that Google logs 2 billion searches a day. So probably 300 million people use Google a day.
It means Google has got something special about its search algorithm that keeps it ahead in the race.Its algorithm is till date the smartest one; though Google has not published it’s detailed algorithm ( obviously!!! come on , how come they let someone to take away their bread and butter!!!) but now-a-days Google Index, Page Rank , Web Crawler, are somewhat familiar terms.
You didn’t heard about all these terms? No worry , we aren’t here to discuss all these technical concepts.
No hard software jargon / boring lecture.
We are normal, simple-minded ( guess that’s why we can’t think and innovate complex things! lol)user who are only looking to use Google to produce relevant search results.
Our main aim in this discussion is to know and share how we can get better search results using Google.
Let’s start with some simple example:-
1. You want the definition of gravity, what should you type in the search box?
2. You want information about either Air India or Air France. what should you be your search string?
3. You want exact information about bshell version( don’t mix bshell with bash shell , bshell is a ERP specific term), what should you type?

Well, you can search all these by just typing them , but that might not yield the information you are looking for in the very first 5 results ; or in some case not even in the first page also.
To search you should type :-
1. define: gravity
2. Air India OR france
3. “bshell version”

All the terms define: , OR , ” ” are treated as key words.While your search query is parsed by Google query processor it identifies and understands the special usage of these keywords.
Thus your search yields smarted results than others.
These are many beautiful options available to use Google search effectively.We will discuss them shortly.

A. Book your Flight:
Type Mumbai Delhi in search box and check the result!!Isn’t it wonderful?
B. Search news in Times of India between the year 1990 to 1995 , both inclusive:-
Type The Times Of India 1990..1995 and check the result.
C. Do some math:
Type 75 – 35 / 7 * 5
Tried? now type this :- (75 – 35 / 7 * 5)% of 9.Tell me what did you get?
Similarly you can use ^ or ** for raise the power of a digit.Eg:3^4 will give 81.

D. Find files of particular type:
Type Head First .NET . Then type Head First .NET filetype:pdf and compare the results.

See, searching in Google can be so much fun and amazing when you know what to search and exactly how to search.
That’s it for tonight.My fingers are giving up,gotta g.But what I want from you guys are inputs and suggestions and such tricks if you have discovered any.
If not, don’t worry I’ll tell you some more very soon..Till then keep googling smartly!!!
Have a nice time …

PS:- please share it if you liked it…sharing knowledge is no harm.