Sales Credit Note Transactions

Sales Credit Notes Transactions.

This procedure is for maintaining sales credit notes & further to link it to invoices.

  •   “Maintain Transactions” For maintaining credit note in the system select appropriate transaction type  save it, mark the same & press button Transactions to pop up the session “Maintain Sales Invoices” (transaction category “Sales Credit Note”). Enter customer code, and reference correctly. In the field “Amount” enter the full amount which is to be credited to customer’s account. Select the original invoice in the field  “Original Invoice” in case it is available. Then save the document, document no will be generated by system & next session will pop up.

In this session “Maintain Sales Invoice Transaction” General Ledger Account no      for      debiting sales, excise & sales tax is to be given separately in the field “Ledger          Account” & also the dimensions. Here system will generate the 3 line nos. for that     document i.e. 1 for sales, 2 for excise, 3 for sales tax. Etc.

  •     “Display Customer’s Sales Invoices”  This session will show the details of open items as well as the details of fully paid invoices. This is possible by using various sub-sessions attached to this session. Open credit found in this session can be linked to invoices.
  •     For linking credit notes to invoices open session “Maintain Transaction” select transaction type save it, select it & press button Transactions to pop up session “Assign Credit Notes to Invoices”. This session will show you customer wise credit note. Select any credit note (which is to be linked to invoices) & session “Assign Credit Notes to Invoices” will pop up automatically. This session will show you all the open invoices of that customer. Enter the amount to be linked in the field “Linked Amount” & press the button “Assign”. Session  “Maintain Document Numbers” will pop up. Enter the document series press tab key & come out of the session. Original session  “Assign Credit Note to Invoices” will pop up where the balance of credit note will be shown (it may be Zero or the balance after the appropriate amount is assigned). Here the linking of credit notes to invoices activity is over.

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