Purchase Integration Posting

Transaction Origin – Purchase

Financial  Transaction – Receipt and Result

After approval stage of the received  material  & Process Delivered Purchase Orders is executed, the Purchase Transactions are entered into Finance.  Initially the status of the Order entered in Finance is “Un-Posted“, which should change to “Posted” after running of the Session “Post Integration Transaction to Finance”.


Every purchase order which is transacted in logistics, gets displayed in Finance.  The initial status of the transaction will be “Un-Posted”  which may be converted to “Erroneous“, if there are any problem with the posting of transaction.  However otherwise, the status of transaction should ultimately get “Posted” from “Un-Posted

Reasons of Transaction with Erroneous status                                   Corrective Steps

v  Ledger accounts are not defined                                                Set the ledger accounts

v  Item Group not linked against the ledger accounts                      Link the item group


Post the integration transaction to finance transactions

The Un-Posted integration transactions shall be  posted to finance after completing this activity. While doing this activity following  points  should be taken into consideration.

  1. Company number shuld be specific
  2. Transaction origin –    from —  Purchase   to– Purchase
  3. Financial Transaction –  from —  Receipt  to– Result
  4. Transaction date – from – to  Date  –
  5. Log date   – from – to Date

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