Procedure for Finalizing Batches

As per the instruction every user is creating a new batch every day & also at the time of posting of integrated transactions new batch is created. There are some of the reports listed below, which are available to us only after the batches are finalized.

The finalization of batches is absolutely necessary in order to get the exact amount from Ledger, Dimension history & Trial balance. During the finalization process the transaction are copied to another transaction file so that they cannot be changed any more. The ledger & dimension history is then finally closed.

Discipline to be followed at the time of finalizing the batches.

  •  Batch should not contain any error.
  • Concern responsible person checks all transactions in that batch with the help of using session “Print non-finalized transactions”.
  • Another user is not using batch.
  • Transaction type wise finalization of batches should be done.

Procedure to be followed for finalizing of batches.

Use session “Select Batches for Finalization” press insert from Tool bar – enter the year – press tab key- system generates the “Finalization Run Number”- press “Select” key. Session “Select batches for finalization” will appear where in batches can be seen serially. Select the batches for finalization form column select by changing the status from “YES” to “NO”. As soon as the batches are selected for finalization the finalization run number will appear in that column. Then press save key & press “Finalize” button. System will ask for the device. Transactions can be printed as well as seen on the screen. If any error is there then system will give error report or just give a normal journal entry report. If no error is found the status of that batch will become “Finalized successfully” other wise batch will not be finalized.

In case if the batch is not being selected for finalization by the system then check the following things.

  •  Batch status should be ready.
  • If batch status is “in-use” – use session “Invoke background process”  to make that batch “Free” or “Ready”.
  • Refer session “Display Error Log” where in you can see the details of error with the reason. To rectify these go to that particular batch & open those documents & rectify the same.

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