Accounting of Journal Voucher

This procedure is for accounting of Journal Voucher

  • Prepare Journal Voucher in as usual format. 
  • Select the session Maintain Transaction.
  • Insert Group Key
  • Put the transaction entry date i.e. current date
  • Fiscal year will be current fiscal year.
  • System will generate the new batch number. Put specific remark in the reference field, the nature of transaction and your initial for easily identification of batch.
  • Fiscal period, Reporting Period, Tax Period will come as default, which will be depends up on the transaction entry date.
  • Insert the record and select the following transaction type as required.
  • JML                        Journal Voucher Multi Line
  • JSL                         Journal Voucher Single Line
  • JSM                        Journal Voucher Summarized
  • Save and select the transaction type and click the option Transaction (right side of the screen). Some times this option will not be displayed on the screen, then go to special and select the transaction option. 
  • Put the first free series and enter the document date. This will be your voucher date.
  • Select the ledger accounts and dimension code as per your requirement.
  • After completing all the transaction the remaining balance amount will be ZERO.

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