ERPLN Development Training

We offer an Online Training using Skype (Voice Call) & Team Viewer or Goto Meeting for Screen Sharing.

We  take up training on Weekday’s as well as on Weekends based on the client preferences.

We take training for maximum of 2 hours a day, so as not to overwhelm our trainees with too much of Knowledge in a single day, moreover the trainee’s can practice and come up with their queries on the subsequent day training to clear their doubts.

We offer a Comprehensive List of EBook’s as mentioned below on ERPLN Development prepared by FULLONBAAN.

1) Difference Baan IV to LN – Changed Functionality

2) ERPLN Software Architecture

3) Authorizing Developer for VRC

4) Change User Defaults

5) Creating Domains in Baan

6) Creating Tables in Baan3) 

7) Developer Master Data

8) ERPLN Dashboard

9) ERPLN Session

10) ERPLN Report

11) ERPLN Report Guide

12) ERPLN Session Guide

13) Baan Programming

14) ERPLN Program Script

15) LN Session Window Type

16) LN Custom Defined Fields

17) LN Standard Software Coding

18) Data Access Layer – DAL

19) Exercise DAL

20) Easy SQL

21) Structured Query Language

22) Exchange Schemes

23) Debugging Scripts

24) AFS Example

25) ERPLN Menu

26) ERPLN Questions

27) ERPLN Messages

28) Baan Technical Interview – Questions

29) Baan Technical Interview – Answers

Attached is the Training Topics

Reach us at for customized training schedule and pricing. 

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