LN Session – Window Type

We have observed that there are lot of confusions in the Window Type options in Session.

One is confused with what kind of window type to be used for parameter session, maintain session, print session, display session etc.

There are below types of window type

a.       Modeless window with menu
b.      Modal window with menu
c.       Dialog
d.      No window
e.      Synchronized Dialog
f.       List Window
g.       Wizard
h.      Parameter
i.       Multi Main 

We have prepared a ebook which explains each of the window type with an example session. This will give better understanding of Window Type concepts and one will know which window type to use against what type of session. The ebook is available for Just Rs. 49.


Once Payment is made above ebook would be emailed to you.

For any queries feel free to mail us at fullonbaan@gmail.com



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