Requirement of Logistic Resource with H1B or B1 Visa

There is one urgent requirement for a Logistic Resource having H1B or B1 Visa for one of a Customer in USA with its subsidiaries in Mexico.

Project is one year long, the resource needs to travel immediately within couple of weeks time.

If you are having the required visa then please drop a mail to with your updated resume asap.

Performance Optimization EBook

There are series of steps involved in Performance Optimization. Some of the Processes are Clean up Data, Performance related settings and tools etc.

For complete step by step approach for Performance Optimization in baan, we have created an ebook.

Please write to us at to avail the ebook. Please mention in the subject “PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION – EBOOK“.

For limited time, the ebook is available for Rs. 49/- only.

Ebook Snapshot



Supplier Stage Payments

Stage payments enable customers to pay suppliers before or after the ordered goods are actually received for a purchase order. The payments are spread over a period of time and the amounts must be paid to the supplier on specific dates. The purchase order item’s invoice flow is separated from its goods flow. 

 The stage payments can include the dates and events for which the supplier must complete specific tasks before receipt of any goods.

Master Data Setup

Before you can use supplier stage payments, you must select the Supplier Stage Payments check box in the Implemented Software Components (tccom0500m000) details session

Supplier Stage Payments Procedure

1) Creating stage payment lines

2) Releasing stage payment lines

3) Invoicing stage payment lines

4) Processing stage payment lines

5) Deleting stage payment lines 

Retro Billing Sales Orders

Retroactive Billing allows you to change billing amounts retroactively in the event of a price renegotiation with the Customers. 

Retroactive Billing is a common business process in some industries, especially the automotive industry, whereby a customer requests changes to the amounts charged on already invoiced orders and receives credits or additional invoices.

For giving credits to the customer, one would need to create a credit memo or if customer requests for additional invoices, then one would need to create Retro Billed Sales Order.

Below is the process to generate retro billed sales order

1) Generate Price Change Advices 

2) Approve the Price Change advices 

3) Generate Retrobilled Sales Order

4) Follow the standard invoicing procedure to invoice the retrobilled sales order for the price difference.