Financial Limitations in Older version of Baan

Financial Limitations

Accounts Receivable:

Cashbook enhances the cash application functionality in BAAN. BAAN limitations in the ACR space include:

  • No ability to apply cash to multiple customers at the same time.
  • Deductions/Debit Notes/Credit Notes are a separate function to cash application.
  • ACR is not flexible and automatically posts transactions rather than leaving the user with discretion as to when to post journals.
  • ACR batches need to be closed the finalization posts the amounts to financials. Cashbook can post all auto matched transactions while creating a separate batch for unallocated to be processed by the AR clerks.
  • Limited access to additional information.
  • No integration with bank statements.
  • No bank lockbox integration.
  • No ability to apply cash across multiple BAAN companies.

AR Credit & Deduction Management:

The limitations with BAAN financials for credit collections & deductions include:

  • No ability to put notes on customer accounts.
  • No ability to re-print invoices quickly & easily.
  • No facility to rapidly send fax/pdf/email to customers detailing invoices outstanding and cash required for collection.
  • Not a user-friendly order-hold process.
  • No method of tracking collection agent’s accounts & DSO achievements.

Accounts Payable:

Cashbook has added to BAAN payment functionality by providing Electronic Payment & Email Remittance functionality in BAAN.
BAAN limitations in the ACP space include:

  • Selection and de-selection of vendors and invoices is done in non-intuitive fashion.
  • Difficult process to manipulate the total payment amount.
  • Bank reconciliation process is non-existant.
  • Ability to make payments in one process for multiple finance companies not in the same group company.
  • Ability to make payments in multiple currencies.
  • Email/Fax to Supplier with payment details for all companies invoices.

Bank Reconciliation:

Cashbook has given BAAN bank reconciliation functionality by downloading AR & AP cash receipt and payment information directly from the ACP200 and ACR200 tables as well as the GLD 106 table into one central location. These cash transactions can then be dynamically compared to incoming bank statements from any global location.

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