Baan Training Material

We have had look at numerous Baan Training document, but none of them explained in terms which are easy to understand and easy to grasp for the Baan Technical Consultant / Baan Developers. Most of the documents speaks on vague topics and doesn’t have the right examples to support the different concepts available.

To cut short, we have prepared a document  which doesn’t boast on the number of pages it has (as it has bare minimum), but it definitely boasts about the simplicity of language used to make any layman understand the concept of  Baan Technical with real ERP scenarios and examples. It not only covers  functionality in easy to understand language but also gives real scenarios which one can associate with, thus making the understanding simpler.

The following ERP LN Technical Ebook’s are available

a) ERP LN Software Architecture

b) Difference between Baan IV to LN

c) Developer Master Data

d) ERP LN Session

e) ERP LN Report

f) ERP LN Dashboard

g) LN Program Scripts

h) LN DAL Concepts

As said by great thinker’s, everything comes at a price. The things which you get for free is really not worth it. So for the effort’s we have put in to compile this ebook’s with all our experience put in to place, it is being sold for meager amount.

You can order your copy of  ebook, by making payment via Paypal to the paypal id



Once payment is made drop a mail to Will mail you the ebook.

Alternatively if you dont have paypal account drop a mail to will provide details on how to avail this ebook. In the mail, kindly mention your Full Name and Contact No.