BaaN System Refresh – Backup Activity

Any implementation Project in Baan takes min 3 months to over 4 years depending on the sheer velocity of entities in scope, dependent systems which needs to be migrated, the current As is Process, the to be mapped process, amount of Customized applications used within the system are the major factors.

The higher the scope of the project would mean many cycles of data testing and validations which would need to be carried out. So this brings in to picture various stages in an implementation project, Capacity Requirement Planning, Customer Acceptance Testing, System Integration Testing etc with multiple iterations. So the data validations, scenario based scripts execution after identifying major scenarios within individual object migration etc. will require the data and application refresh from the production instance.

So prior to Baan System Refresh (Application + Data) on Baan Test Server Instance which is Baan Administrator activity, the developer needs to keep the backup of the application components and data.

Backup Activities

1)      Take the Backup of SQL Queries using Export Data Dictionary

2)      Take the Backup of Software Components (Sessions, Program Script, Functions, Libraries, Messages, Questions, Tables, Domains, and Labels etc.) Using Export Data Dictionary or Patch.

3)      Take the sequential dump of data of all tables for respective Baan Companies. i.e. Customized table data and whichever are required.

4)      Take the sequential dump of data of tu xch module (Baan IV) of Company where the Exchange Schemes are created.

5)      Manually copy the condition scripts for Exchange Schemes

Keep the backup on your local machine as well to be on the safe side.