Assignment – Baan Report

1. Generate a report based on the customer table. The report should print a report of type1. Generate another report of type 2 on the same table. Attach the report to the same session in the group 1. Execute the session, enter parameters. Note what happens.

2. For the same session as in case 1, attach the report to group 2, delete it from group 1. Check if the report is accessible.

3. Check the help for the pre-defined variable ‘REPORTGRP’. For the above session make the group 2 as the default group, note down which report gets executed.

4. Generate a session for printing a report on sales orders. The sales orders should get printed by customers. The name of the customer should appear only once for the group. For each order, the order date should get printed only once. All the details for the order should get printed in the order of line numbers. At the end of each order, the sum of line amounts should get printed. For each customer, the number of orders placed should be printed. Note the name of the session.

5. In the above session, get the cumulative amount for each order for a customer(this means for first orders for a customer, this amount will be total amount for this order, for the second order, this should be the current amount + prev orders total amount and so on). Is it possible to do it using the aggregate functions?

6. Generate a report based on sales order lines table. Maintain a sort field item with sort mode ‘ascending’. Maintain a after.field layout for the field and print the item code, description and the total amount for the item on this layout. Make the detail layout invisible using the output expression. Note the effect on the report. Delete the detail layout. Check the effect on the report.

7. Generate a session to print report based on order header table. It should have two reports attached: 1) for printing the orders by customer, 2) for printing the orders by order number. Note the name of the session.

8. Read the help for the functions ‘brp.*’, that deal with printing reports. Generate a session to print a report of sales orders. It should generate two reports simultaneously. One report should print the report type 3 with customer as group field, and the other report should print a summary report that shows summary of order amount by customer. Note the name of the session.

9. Observe the effect of the margins, repeat expression, page length using a simple report.

10. Generate a report based on customer table. The report should print the code, name, city and it should print the phone number or a string “No Phone” if the number is not maintained. The report should print “*****” at the end of the record if it is a ‘Special Customer’. Also, for the special customer, the additional text should get printed starting from the next line. Note the name of the session.

11. Generate a report to print labels for customers with name, address, city and pin. Three labels for a customer should get printed. Note the name of the session.


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