Report not getting Debugged

There was this strange issue faced by one of my colleague.  He was actually trying hard to put a report in debug mode on the test environment. The process he followed was he compiled the Report in Debug Mode. He created a PMC Solution with the VRC in which the report was put in debug, added the report object, generated dependencies, exported the PMC solution, Released and Published the PMC solution. The admin then imported the PMC solution in to the Test Environment and then executed the report session to debug the report to identify the root cause of the issue. But the Report session failed to open in debug mode. He came to me saying that he has done all things right to port the debug report object in to Test environment.

I redid the following steps to just to confirm if all is fine

1) Put the Report object in debug mode on the development environment.

2) Created a new PMC solution with the debug report object

3) Import the PMC Solution in the test environment

4) Checked in the application directory of the test environment, if the report object has been copied from the development environment by verifying the date time stamp of the object and the size of the object

5) Run the session ttstpsessinfo and verified if the Report session, report is reading from the same path where the new debug report object is placed.

After carrying out the above steps, i ran the Report session, and executed to it. But unfortunately the report object wasn’t opening in debug mode,  strange issue, but yes it was happening.

Cross verified if the report is opening in the debug mode on the development environment, and to my surprise it did. Was still wondering what the issue could be, and suddenly i decide to check something. I opened the BW configuration and checked on the configuration setup, so see if proper environment is being opened. What i saw there probably stunned me.  –nodebug command was used in the bshell command, which was actually holding back the report from opening in debug mode. This eventually did the trick.

Once removed the report started running  in debug mode.

So please ensure you have this one covered when we try to debug any report or script object.

Hope this Helps !!!

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