Infor 10 ERP

Unleashing INFOR 10 ERP.

“Specialized for Industry, Engineered by Speed”

 A brief overview of the product company

 INFOR Company


1)      $2.5 Billion Total Operation Revenue

2)      3rd Largest Enterprise Application Company

3)      1,500 Partner World Wide

4)      75,000 Customers in 164 Countries Globally

5)      2,300  New Customers in Fiscal Year 2011

6)      3 Consecutive quarters of Double Digit Growth

 Infor10 ERP

Key features

 A)    A user experience to change the way work is done

 Infor10 Workspace

Infor10 Workspace delivers a unified user experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a common look and feel across various Infor products. The user interface combines deep industry processes, analytics, and collaboration to create a more satisfying, easier to use software experience that helps you make better and faster decisions.


Infor10 built mobile technology into the core of Infor10 architecture so that you can combine the benefits of the most widely used mobile platforms alongside web-based methods. You shouldn’t need to compromise when you expand your business software to support mobile applications. Infor10 Mobile Application Server ensures that you always have full industry specific power whenever and wherever you want it.

B)    Best in Class Applications

Infor10 also includes best-in-class applications with market-leading functionality that bring value to any organization, across any industry. These visionary, innovative solutions integrate seamlessly with your core systems to address a broad range of daily business challenges, including:

Enterprise Asset Management—Manage your equipment, facilities, and plant assets throughout their lifecycles, while cutting costs and boosting profits.

 Customer Relationship Management—React quickly, intelligently, and personally to every customer interaction to drive growth and increase    revenue.

 Human Capital Management—Maximize the talent of your workforce to increase your operational efficiency, effectiveness, and insight into your   organization.

  Corporate Performance Management—Analyze data when you need it most and deliver key information to your decision makers.

 Financial Management—Reduce costs, business risk and deliver timely, actionable financial information for improved business insight.

 Supply Chain Management—Be responsive to customer demand shifts and alert to supply side disruption, while keeping your manufacturing and warehousing operations as productive as possible with event management and alerting that help you make those decisions more quickly and accurately.

C)        Reimagining Enterprise Software

 What if integration and business intelligence were implemented automatically with your software? What if your life cycle management was automatic and seamless? What if you had incredible deployment options, leveraging cloud technology-reserving the right to change your mind any time you like? What if upgrades didn’t scare you? What if you didn’t spend all of your time managing your enterprise applications—but instead, could spend your time innovating? What a difference you could make. Infor10 can make it happen.

 Infor10 ION Suite

ION Suite is a new generation of business middleware that is lighter weight, less technically demanding to implement, and built on open standards. It is designed to meet the needs of the business and the needs of the CIO to contain IT costs.  

But there’s more to ION Suite than just easy to use connectivity. With ION Suite, businesses get common reporting and analysis, workflow, and business monitoring with one, consistent architecture. In addition, ION Suite uses event-driven architecture (EDA), so it can pro-actively push data, work activities, and exception notifications to users.

Infor10 Cloud Suite

With Infor10, you get extreme deployment flexibility. If you want simple “IT on demand,” you can run your entire solution on Infor10 CloudSuite. If you’d rather keep your core enterprise systems on-premises, while running your business intelligence as a service, application integration as a service, or a platform for building application extensions as a service, you can do that. Or maybe, you just want a disaster recovery system in the cloud, automatically, without ever having to think about it. Infor10 CloudSuite does that, too.

Infor10 CloudSuite offers the best solution for organizations that want the help of enterprise software without the headache. Flexibility, speed, and simplicity. That’s Infor10 CloudSuite.

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