Re-Licensing Baan after Hardware Upgrade

The Organization decides to upgrade their Hardware from time to time, so that they have the latest configuration server. So to get the Baan Application up and running, once Hardware has been upgraded and all requisite files have been copied from earlier harddisk to the new system hard disk, we need to get in to re-licensing of Baan.

Follow the below mentioned steps for re-licensing baan after hardware upgrade

Start the machine with the original disks installed

1)  Log in as root and remove the original .brand6.1 file

cd /.brand, rm .brand*

2)     Edit $BSE/rc.start to comment out the part which tries to start the license daemon.

3)     Run $BSE/etc/rc.stop then run $BSE/etc/rc.start.

Baan will start in Demo mode (will run without a license daemon for 14     days).

4)   Enter Baan as the root user.

5)     Traverse to  the session Tools | Software Installation | Print Requested System Information.  The password for this session Yi984.

6)     Send across this report to the Product Company – Infor.

7)  Theywill generate a new validation key and fax it to you along with detailed instructions on branding your system.

8)  Follow the instructions, apply the valid keys and validate.


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