Baan Forms

BaanERP Tools supports the use of dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). A DLL consists of a library of functions that are compiled, linked, and stored separately from the processes that use them. The functions are resources that can be shared by multiple programs that are running concurrently. Only one copy of the DLL needs to be present in memory. Each program that uses the DLL links to it at runtime, at the time it calls one of the DLL’s functions.

§ You can upgrade an application without recompiling all the DLLs it uses.

§ A DLL is loaded only when required. It is also loaded only once, though multiple programs can share its code.

Maintain Form Fields

Echo – Indicates whther the value of the field should be shown on the form or not. Echo = No mainly used for form.

Wait for : Indicates whether the cursor should move to the next field after or whether it should move after the last character has been entered.

Input/Ref Expression: Indicates the constraints on the fields input value.
For eg: value > 0, Only input value greater than zero allowed.

= 1 Input Allowed.
= 0 Input not Allowed

Lang/Unit Expr : Only for Float, Double and date form field. The lang that is used.

If in program script variable curr is declared. Where curr = “USD$”
Then same can be used over here.

Ch without . Only single character is taken as input and control flows to the next field without . For control character need to use ^

Field Type:
Display Only: need to use display function in the program script to display the values.

Form Type

1) Single Occurrence with Main Table
2) Multi Occurrence with Main Table


§ Error numbers 1-99 are operating system errors

§ Error numbers 100-899 are database errors

§ Error numbers 900-999 are network errors


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