The Hidden Truth

I am wondering how many of us i.e. consultants who are in to BaaN ERP for a decade now are aware about this secrets about Baan.I have encountered this in the later part of my career. And thought of sharing this with you people so that you can make most use of it.

The developers out there would be using export data dictionary to export the software components of Baan or would probably be using PMC solution for objects and components movement from one environment to another. How many of you knew that there is a session Maintain Patch Code – ttiex4100m000, that eventually lets you add individual components which could be exported to a particular path on source server. This patch could then be manually copied to the destination server on a specific path and could be imported to the destination server using import patch ttiex1284m000 session. This is one of the sought after approach if you as a developer are planning for a handful of software components movement. The Maintain Patch code session ttiex4100m000 is nowhere in Baan IV menu, probably wonder why the Product Company failed to include this in the Tools Menu.

Next in the line is ottstpsessinfo, this has to be executed through run program i.e. from File Menu -> Run Program. This piece of object gives you the session information, runtime object, software components directories/path, current path from where the session structural objects picks up the objects from. Session basically consists of forms, reports, includes, program objects etc. The Baan Application Support team heavily relies on this utility to get more information about sessions.

There is one more object/utility which is ottstperrlog, this also as ottstpsessinfo has to be executed through run program i.e. from File Menu -> Run Program. This object lists out all errors related to OS, Database, bdbpre, bdbpost,bshell log etc. Infact all the logs present in $BSE/log folder in the bse environment.

There are plenty more hidden secret’s to be unleashed.

ttdskcs – Colour selector
ttdskfs – Font selector
ttstpcalc – The Calculator
ttstpcalandar – The Calendar
ttstpcreatdll – create an AFS DLL
ttstpshell – Runs a shell

All of these could be executed through Run Program in Baan. All of these utilities are for Baan IV.

If you stumble across, any other hidden secrets of BAAN, share it with us.

Please go through the below attached document for more tips and tricks in Baan IV.



  1. Tha’ was a nice post . Really appreciate !! though seems like i read it on bb before.
    But What I have not read there is what I want to know

    Is there any working sessions available which uses ttdsccs ttdskfs etcetra or are they simply hidden facts of no use. Working almost 15+ years in Baan though never come across any sessions using this.



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